Benefits for all teams - Kabal

Unlock benefits across teams

Kabal not only fosters collaboration between your company’s various departments, it also unlocks intrinsic value within each one. Below, we’ve outlined some of the benefits your teams can anticipate.



Drilling team


  • Plan & track equipment and personnel from A–Z

  • Real-time visibility

  • Less delays & roundtrips

  • Cut rental costs

  • Minimize non-productive time

  • Reduce dangerous lifts

Logistics team 


  • Control all cargo, personnel, vessels & transport

  • Cut vessel costs

  • Boost operational accuracy; plans vs actuals

  • More prepared for unexpected events

Construction team


  • Efficiencies from integration between SAP/ERP and Logistics

  • Increased visibility of work processes

  • Real-time visibility of inbound equipment

IT team


  • Less applications

  • World class data security

  • Simplified processes

  • Facilitates safe and seamless collaboration internally and with vendors

  • No upfront investments. Predictable costs

  • 99,99% system uptime

Maintenance & Production team


  • A planning tool that combines cargo and personnel, supply base, vessel and rig

  • Real-time visibility

  • Cut rentals

  • Reduced NPT

  • Minimized dangerous lifts

  • One platform to coordinate and run all operations

Top Management


  • KPIs & Reports

  • Dashboards

  • Better forecasting

  • Access to Industry best-practices  

  • Reduced operational emissions

  • Enhanced employee satisfaction

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