Sustainability - Kabal

We’re in this

At Kabal, we strive to contribute to a more sustainable energy industry every day.

Our future

Kabal supports the Paris Agreement and a net-zero future. We are constantly striving to reduce CO₂ emissions for our clients in the oil and gas industry, and we will continue to do even more as we develop new innovative features for our growing customer base.

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Our purpose

Sustainability is at the very core of our business, and it’s closely integrated in our company purpose;

Making the energy industry more efficient and sustainable.

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Our software

Sustainability is an integral part of our software’s delivery: Thanks to Kabal’s smart features, your company can move your vessels, cargo, and resources more efficiently – consequently emitting less CO2.

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Environment, Social responsibility, and Governance. What do these words mean to Kabal? It means we have a clear view on how to operate, and how to do even better as a company – for our employees, our clients, and the rest of the world. Below you’ll find our ESG report. Feel free to download it.

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