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Optimize your

Kabal is customized to help energy companies plan, manage, and improve logistics operations. You get access to a wide range of features for Cargo, Marine, Transport, Personnel, Warehouse, Rig, Cost, and KPIs & Reports. Kabal modules and features are presented below.

Plan with precision

With its wide range of planning functionalities Kabal will streamline your transport of equipment, cargo, vessels, and personnel.

Manage seamless operations

Kabal offers real-time visibility into every corner of your logistics operations. Move X from A to Z as fast, safe, and cost-efficient as possible. Every time. All the time.

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Improve continuously

Harvest the value of having all your logistics data in one safe place. Kabal provides several reports and KPIs. These instantly transform your data into better decisions, operational improvements, and continuous value creation for your company.

Get savings, get more

Kabal customers typically achieve massive cost savings, efficiencies, and emissions reduction. Achieve the same by using Kabal’s innovative features to plan, manage and continuously improve your logistics operations.


30% savings on vessels

30% savings on vessels


20% savings on fuel

20% savings on fuel

Rental equipment

40% savings on rental tools

40% savings on rental tools


5% savings on personnel

5% savings on personnel


Will Kabal only benefit your Logistics Team?

No. Kabal offers features that creates benefits across an organization, including Drilling, Maintenance & Production, IT, Construction Teams and also Top Management. For a list of Team specific benefits, read here.

I already have an ERP system, why do I need Kabal?

Unlike ERP systems like SAP, Kabal is customized to solve complex energy industry logistics. Our wide range of hundreds of industry-specific functionalities is designed to enable more efficient use of resources and transport in any energy operation. Also, Kabal is a single point of truth that fuels collaboration between stakeholders, gives staff and field users a better work-life, and empowers management with relevant KPIs and dashboards.

Is my data safe in Kabal?

Yes. We are uncompromising in our commitment to IT security. Our comprehensive security is provided by a team of experts, and proactive compliance and monitoring to protect your data. Our Information Security Management System is certified with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, equivalent to SOC2.

Is Kabal scalable?

Yes. Kabal is a modular and scalable SaaS solution, meaning you can reduce and expand the functionalities to meet your business needs.

Is Kabal a multi-user platform?

Yes, being a SaaS solution, Kabal is a multi-tenant application used by thousands of customers worldwide. However, data is segregated by each company to ensure data privacy and security.

Can I integrate Kabal with my existing ERP and SaaS solutions?

Yes. Kabal can be integrated with existing solutions to ensure the flow of data between all systems. Our implementation team will support you in identifying the best approach.

Does Kabal deliver Track & Trace?

Yes. In Kabal, every stakeholder is accountable for their delivery. Operators and vendors continuously update tracking information, ensuring real-time visibility and traceability of all cargo, equipment, and personnel to all involved parties.

Do you offer support?

We provide support 24/7 through our dedicated support team. When you implement Kabal, you get your own dedicated account manager. They will discuss Kabal capabilities and guide you during the implementation process.

How long does it take to implement Kabal?

The implementation process is efficient and agile and will typically be completed within weeks. As soon as we know the scope, we can offer a more precise time frame.

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